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Old National Road Driving Institute FAQs

General Information

Are all instructors certified by the State of Indiana and the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles?


Are you able to see licenses of the instructors?


Are all vehicles properly insured?


Are all vehicles dual controlled?

Yes, with a brake.

Are all vehicles equipped with in-car cameras?

Yes. All drivers ed cars have in-car cameras installed and are used on each driving session.

What does the Driver's Education course consist of?

Indiana law requires 30 (thirty) hours of classroom instruction (or an approved online course) and 6 (six) hours of individual driving lessons (behind-the-wheel).

What form(s) of payment are accepted?

We accept cash, check or money order. We also accept Venmo and Cashapp payments. We DO NOT accept debit or credit cards.

Can I make payments for my course, or is all money due up front?

If you are registered for traditional classroom/driving, a $105 deposit is required within 7 days of registration to hold your seat. Payments can be made up until the first day/night of class. ALL REMAINING BALANCES ARE DUE BY THE START OF THE FIRST CLASS. Payments may be made for the Teach Safe online course or Behind the Wheel only options, as well. However, no paperwork, CDE forms, or online access codes will be given until the balance is paid in full.  

What is your refund policy?

The deposit of $105 is non-refundable;  however, it is transferable to any open class for the six months following the date of the originally scheduled class.  (If the originially scheduled class is cancelled by the driving school, the deposit is refundable). If a student has obtained a C.D.E. form from us, no refunds will be issued until the C.D.E. form is returned to us. Should a student withdraw after starting the actual in-car instruction (training only), refunds will be prorated.

There is a $40.00 charge on any returned check for any reason.  Once a check is returned, payment must be made in cash only.

Is driver education required to get a license?

No. Without driver education your child must be 16 years old to be eligible for a permit. They must complete the 50 hour driving log, hold their permit a minimum of 180 days and then they will be eligible for a license at 16 years and 270 days.

How long does a student have to complete the course?

Traditional classroom is 60 days from the start of class and online course is 120 days from the initial enrollment. If the student does not complete within this time frame, and there are any fee increases, the student will be required to pay the increased rate. Any classroom extension time will be done by a written request and approved by the administration. Online course extensions will be granted at an additional fee of $30 per each 30 day extension.

How long must you hold a permit before obtaining a regular drivers license?

You must hold a learner's permit for a minimum of 180 days, in order to obtain a drivers license. Regardless of age, a permit must be held for this amount of time. If a student has taken a drivers education course, they still must hold a permit for 6 months, in order to get a license at 16 and 90 days.  

Behind the Wheel

Can we take the required driving test with you?

If you have taken a classroom/driving course or an online/driving course with us, you can take your driving test here. Also, if you have taken an online course elsewhere and have done your driving portion with us, you can test with us. You must be at least 16 years old, have the course completed, and the 50 hour driving log completed. We charge a $40 fee to test. 

Are the students allowed to choose driving times or are they assigned?

Parents choose the times for their students based on the availability of drives. Drives are scheduled on a first-come first-serve basis. All drives must be completed within 180 days of completing the classroom or online course. Exceptions are made on individual basis, with a written explanation request and administrative approval.

During the in car instruction, how many students are in the vehicle?

All behind the wheel instruction is "one on one". Only the student and instructor will be in the vehicle for the driving session. 

What is the In-car cancellation policy?

Once a student schedules his/her actual in-car lessons, these lessons are firm. All cancellations and changes of driving appointments must be made at least 24 hours prior to the start of a scheduled lesson to avoid a $50.00 "late cancellation" fee. All changes and cancellations MUST be done online in your student's account. 

Note:  Students who fail to bring their permits to their driving appointments will be charged a $50 "no show" fee and will need to reschedule the appointment online. We will not drive students without a permit. If a student simply does not show up, their account will also be charged a $50 "no show" fee. All fees must be paid before any final paperwork will be given at the end of the course. 

What happens if I have (2) "no shows"?

If a student has (2) no show times, their remining scheduled drive times are canceled and their online account is locked. The outstanding balance must be paid before the account is unlocked and the remaining drive times can be scheduled.

What is the proper foot wear?

Students must wear shoes that are closed-toe and with no heels. No flip-flops, slides, or high heels of any kind are allowed while driving.


What is the earliest age that my child can take driver education?

Your child must be at least 15 years old before he/she can participate in either the classroom, online or behind the wheel phase of driver education. You can register your child for a driver education course before he/she is 15 years old, but he/she cannot participate in driver education training until they have reached 15 years of age.

If my child starts driver education and gets their permit, then stops going to driver education (or stops doing an online course) can they keep driving on their permit?

The online programs and the licensed schools are required to keep track of your progress in the course. If you stop attending (or participating online), they will first try to contact you to find out why. If they can't contact you, or if you don't respond, they will contact the BMV and have your permit invalidated. If you continue to drive and are stopped by law enforcement or are involved in a collision, you could be cited for operating a vehicle without a valid license. This could also affect your ability to get a new permit/license.

If my child completes an online driver education class, and then completes the 50 hours of driving required to be documented on the driving log, can he/she then get their license at 16 years and 90 days?

No. To be eligible for a license at 16 years and 90 days, your child must complete an approved driver education course and have held a permit for a minimum of 6 months. An approved driver education course consists of the classroom phase (either a traditional classroom course or an approved online course) and six hours of behind the wheel training by a licensed instructor through a licensed driver education school. The 50 hour driving log is required of all new drivers, whether they take driver education or not.

I know that vehicle crashes are the number one cause of death for teenagers. What can I do as a parent to help my child reduce the risks of a crash?

Monitor your child's driving activities. Insure that your child gets at least the 50 hours of practice driving time required by the BMV, on the approved driving log. Be a good role model when you drive. Let your child practice in all types of weather with supervision so that proper guuidance and instruction is given to them. Finally, make sure that your child complies with all the conditions of a probationary license when he/she drives.


When can I start driving in the car with my parents?

If you are enrolled in a driver education course, and have obtained your learner's permit, you can legally drive with your parents. If you are at least 16 years old and not taking a driver education course, once you have received your learner's permit, you can start practice driving with your parents.

If I take an online driver education classroom course, can I drive with my parents once I start that course? Can I drive with them when I finish the course?

No. Effective July 23, 2019, online programs will no longer be issuing the CDE form needed to obtain the permit. You must complete the online portion of the course and then sign up for the behind the wheel portion at a licensed driver education school. The driving school will issue the CDE form and you will be able to then get your permit. You cannot legally drive until you have obtained your learner's permit.  


If I start driver education and get my permit, then stop going to driver education (or stop doing an online course) can I keep driving on my permit?

The online programs and the licensed schools are required to keep track of your progress in the course. If you stop attending (or participating online), they will first try to contact you to find out why. If they can't contact you, or if you don't respond, they will contact the BMV and have your permit invalidated. If you continue to drive and are stopped by law enforcement or are involved in a collision, you could be cited for operating a vehicle without a valid license. This could also affect your ability to get a new permit/license.

If I start a driver education course with one school, then decide to switch to another school, can I transfer the work that I have completed or do I have to start over?

Current rules allow for the transfer of classroom instruction from one school to another where the behind the wheel phase will be completed. However, this is contingent upon the second school accepting the course work and records from the first school. The second school then becomes the school of record.


If a student misses any classes, can he/she make them up, and if so, is there a cost?

Students must make up missed classes at no additional charge. They have to make up the class DAY they missed at the next available time.

What does traditional classroom consist of?

Traditional classroom is a total of 30 hours - 3 hours each class day for 10 days. These days will vary from class to class.

Is there a book rental fee?

No, all materials are covered with your registration fee.

Does my child have to have his/her permit by the first day of class?

No. The permit can be obtained up to 3 weeks prior to the start of traditional class or any time after. However, the student must have their permit before the first drive can be scheduled. If an online course is taken, the CDE form needed for the permit will be given AFTER the online course has been completed.


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