Drivers Education FAQ

General Information

Are all instructors certified by the State of Indiana and the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles?

Are you able to see licenses of the instructors?

Are all vehicles properly insured?

Are all vehicles dual controlled?

Are all vehicles equipped with in-car cameras?

What does the Driver's Education course consist of?

What form(s) of payment are accepted?

Can I make payments for my course, or is all money due up front?

How long will a student's registration remain in the system?

What is your refund policy?

Is driver education required to get a license?

How long does a student have to complete the course?

How long must you hold a permit before obtaining a regular drivers license?

How long is a permit good for?

Can we take the required driving test with you?

Behind the Wheel

Can my student drive on their paper permit?

Are the students allowed to choose driving times or are they assigned?

Can my student schedule all 6 drives, back-to-back, in 6 consecutive days?

What happens if my student does not complete all 6 driving hours with your company, in the 365 days?

During the in car instruction, how many students are in the vehicle?

What is the In-car cancellation policy?

What happens if I have (2) "no shows"?

What is the proper foot wear?

Online Course

What does the online course consist of?

How long do students have to complete the online course?

Can I get an extension if my online course has expired?

How many 30 day online course extensions is my student allowed to purchase?

How long do students have to complete the driving sessions?

When will my student receive their CDE form to obtain their permit?

What is the website to sign into the online course, if I have misplaced it?


What does traditional classroom consist of?

Is there a book rental fee?

Is there a fee to switch from online to classroom or classroom to online once registered?

Does my child have to have his/her permit by the first day of class?

If a student misses any classes, can he/she make them up, and if so, is there a cost?

How long do students have to complete drive times?


What is the earliest age that my child can take driver education?

If my child starts driver education and gets their permit, then stops going to driver education (or stops doing an online course) can they keep driving on their permit?

If my child completes an online driver education class, and then completes the 50 hours of driving required to be documented on the driving log, can he/she then get their license at 16 years and 90 days?

I know that vehicle crashes are the number one cause of death for teenagers. What can I do as a parent to help my child reduce the risks of a crash?


When can I start driving in the car with my parents?

If I start driver education and get my permit, then stop going to driver education (or stop doing an online course) can I keep driving on my permit?

If I start a driver education course with one school, then decide to switch to another school, can I transfer the work that I have completed or do I have to start over?

If I take an online driver education classroom course, can I drive with my parents once I start that course? Can I drive with them when I finish the course?